Installing Pitt Bull’s Shock Relocators

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Make sure there are no wires near the bolt heads when you install them. There has been one installation that loose wire was pinched and caused a headache.

This can be done without removing any of the body panels. Some may find it easier to work if they remove the Front Cargo Module. The only hard part is getting to the air box with a pair of tin snips to trim the lip.

  1. Jack the front of the Spyder up till the tires just touch the ground. This removes any load on the shock mounting bolts.

  2. Remove the shocks, it is easier to slide them out the bottom after both bolts have been removed.

  3. On the left side if you have the stock air box you will need to trim the opening to get the new longer mounting bolt in. Some cut a notch I found it easy to just cut two slits and bend the lip away. After installing the bolt I just bent it back.

  4. Install the relocators but DO NOT tighten the bolts.

  5. Insert the shocks from the bottom through the top A arm and install the bolts.

  6. Tighten all the bolts and your done.