JTís Beer Equipment Page

25 Gallon Boil Kettle


This is the construction of my 25 gallon boil pot.

The focus is on portability.


This is my super quiet burner.

Rated at 70k BTUís.

I modified a stainless steel pot

to act as a support and a wind screen.




This is the burner sitting inside of the pot

support stand. All made of stainless steel.

I have not completed some of the details

on the stand when this picture was taken.




This is the 25 gallon mega pot from

Nothern Brewer sitting on the stand.







For you that are weld challenged you can get the best bulkhead

fitting for the money at McMaster Carr.

Part number 50785K275

Med-Pressure Extruded Brass Thrd Pipe Fitting 1/2" Pipe Size, Panel Mount Coupling

Just loose the lock nut and put the threaded fitting in from the inside

with a small O-Ring.