JT’s Beer Equipment Page

The 15 gallon Brewery


This is my HERMS brewery set up and making beer.

My goal is to make it modular and easy to set up, easy

to use, easy to clean, easy to put away. You know

the BIG EASY BUTTON… I make 5 to 15 gallon

batches on this rig. Sometimes I make 1 to 5 gallon

batches on this rig





This is my HLT with HERMS and sight glass.









This is how the whole thing gets hooked up.

In use I open and close the valves to direct the flow.

I gravity drain from the Mash Tun to the Boil Pot.

The rest I use the pump…






This is how I hook up the system. The hoses are from HD

and are high quality washing machine hook up hoses.









This is the inside of the boil pot showing the pickup tube.

It is just a copper street 90 to sweat fitting from Homer Depot.