JT’s Beer Equipment Page

Turbo CFC


After looking at lots of designs for a CFC I decided on the following design.


I wrapped some 10 gauge solid copper wire

around the 3/8” OD copper tube and soldered

it to the ends. I wrapped the copper wire once every

3 inches. I used 25 feet of tubing and 35 feet of wire

to complete the project.



This is the end that I pulled through the vinyl tubing

with a string. Made the process very easy. I placed a

a mark on the tube every 3 inches with a marker to

keep on track with my winding.




This is the completed inner tube with the copper wire

wrapped around the copper tube. This took 3 people

to do. We fastened one end to a picnic table and one

person held the tube tight and one wrapped the copper

and the other one kept it from getting tangled.



This is the transition fittings.







Soldered together.







Coiled Up

That is my other brother John

He is putting together some equipment we built.

I however have knocked off for the day and had

a glass of wine… yea I like wine too…



All put together. The green thingy is a fill n drain

from my fish tank… The yellow hose is the drain

for the cooling water. The cooled wort goes to the

carboy and the fill n drain puts a vacuum on the

carboy that makes it all flow.



Close up of the setup. The wort goes from the CFC

to a coil of copper tubing in the bucket which is full

of ice then on to the carboy.





Close up of the pickup tube for the boil pot yet to be

cleaned after welding the parts together. Yes I said

welding. I can TIG weld copper parts together…








Close up of the throttle valve and the beer feet.







The first test run. All went very well. It took about

12 minutes to empty 6 gallons of very clear beer.



Ok it is hot water and cleaner…



This is about ½ way through the water test.

A word of warning is due here. The vacuum device

is not perfect. It will under some conditions suck

cooling water into your carboy. If the cooling water

is blocked or if you shut off the cooling water part

way through with wort still in your boil pot…


The first wort to run through the system.

Everything went like a charm.






About ½ way through the first run.

This is so easy now I can’t belive it.






This is my pick up tube. I can’t belive how

easy it was to do the swirl thing and wait a

few minutes for the trub to go to the middle.





Gotta work on my pickup tube I think I left

about 2 ounces of wort in there…






This is the wonderfull cold break that I was looking for.