JT’s Beer Equipment Page

My Mash Tuns

I used to use a 48qt Ice Cube for a mash tun.

This is how I rigged it up.


These are the fittings I used.

The valve is a PVC ˝” threaded.

The fittings are ˝” x ”.

I just reversed the drain fitting in the Ice Cube.

No glue or sealers used just push the barbed end

Into the drain.


This is a picture of the hose in the braid.

I just put about 1 inch of hose in the braid.

Then shove it into the drain fitting.





70qt Coleman Extreme


This is the installed braid in the 70qt Coleman extreme.

I just used the fittings from the Ice Cube at first. There is

a risk of the braid coming out with this setup.








This is the bulkhead fitting and flare fitting that

I used next to connect the braid. The bulkhead

fitting fit right in the hole in the cooler. I added an

o-ring to seal the inside. This is a Weatherhead

#1346 bulkhead fitting from John Henry Foster

and a flare to NPT fitting from the hardware store.

The bulkhead fitting on the right is also available

at McMaster-Carr #50785K274





This is the braid installed in the extreme.

What I learned up to this point is that not all braids are

created the same. The braid I was using was made

from thin gauge wire 0.008” in diameter and was

rather wimpy and limp. I would catch it in my spoon

and stretch it out. Then I had problems with compacted

grain beds (stuck mash).




This it the manifold setup I like the best.


The manifold is made from ˝” CPVC pipe.

I drilled 3/32” holes in the bottom about 3/8”

to ˝” apart. I use a copper 3/8” NPT to ˝” socket

adapter to connect the CPVC to the bulkhead fitting.

The fittings are just pushed together not glued.







This is a close up of the connection to the bulkhead fitting.

I used a ˝” copper sweat to ˝” MPT adapter to connect

the manifold to the bulkhead fitting. Rigid copper pipe and

CPVC have the same OD so the CPVC fits snugly into

the adapter. By lifting up the opposite end I can remove it

without any tools for cleaning.






This is the valve and hose adapter.