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Mega Grain Mill


I’ll complete this page as time allows or if I get

a request to do so. I realize most brewers don’t

have access to the equipment needed to construct

their own grain mill. I have complete plans and step



Ok if you don’t have a mill and a lathe but still want a

mega mill I’m thinking of making some kits. If your interested

let me know… They will have aluminum sides and 4” rollers.




This is the construction of my Mega Grain Mill.

The focus is on good crush and ease of use. I could

have copied a hobby sized mill but why? I wanted a

crush like a commerical mill so I researched commerical

mills and based this design on that research.


Roller Construction


First I cut out the parts for the

rollers from 5” Sch 40 pipe

and 11 Gauge plate (.125”)

I cut the plate with my plasma

torch and circle guide. I cut

the pipe on my band saw.



Next I turned the ends

of the pipe on my lathe.

This was done very slow

so as not to throw the part

out of the chuck jaws.




Next I turned the OD of the

end plates on my lathe.

I used a bolt with a center

hole to hold the plates while

turning them.




Next I fitted the end plates

into the rollers. I turned a

small step inside the rollers

to hold the end plates even

with the end.




A picture of the end plates after

I welded them with my TIG







This is after welding the shafts

into the rollers.







This is the rollers being turned

in my lathe to the final size.







The completed roller with the

plain bearing on the shaft.







Again More to come as time allows or if your interested

I will add more.



This is the completed Grain Mill

with stand and hopper and 7.5

gallon turkey fryer pot to catch

the crushed grains. You do need

a mega drill to run the mill if you use

a drill. A 500 to 750 RPM ½” drill

works best.




Scott’s channeled (narrow version) of the Mega Mill.

Scott says” This is my mini version of John's "johnplctech"

Mega Mill. Basically the same except only 3" wide rollers.

I tried it out yesterday and it ripped through 22 lbs of grain

in a blink of an eye.” Scott uses a 7.8amp Craftsman

drill to run his mill. Scott says this about the drill “I think

it's 800rpm. I was only running it at about 200-300

when I milled the grain.”







Original Mega Mill Plans

Mega Mill Mark II