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Stovetop All Grain Session

In this section Ill cover a 3 gallon all grain session.


Hardware Used


Part Number


22 qt SS Pot



12 qt SS Pot



6.5 g Bottling Bucket

#7019 + #7125

Northern Brewer

Large Steamer Basket



Large Filter Bag


Northern Brewer

Lab Thermometer


Northern Brewer

Large SS Spoon


Local Resturant Supply

Large Bath Towels (clean)


Your Linen Closet

1 qt Measuring Cup



Tubing to fit your Spigot


Northern Brewer


The Recipe

3 Gallon Starter Wort for Canning

4 pounds 2 row (in this case the grain was 60F)

Strike water 6 qts at 160F

Mash out water 2.5 qts at 210F

Sparge water 6 qts at 180F

Mash at 149F 60 minutes

The Mash

Put 6 quarts of water into the 12 qt pot

and heat to 160F

Use my mash calculator for other temperatures.







Add the grain and stir while checking the temperature.

If it is not 149F put back on the stove and heat over

medium heat while stirring and checking the temperature







When the grain reaches the mash temperature place

pot on a folded up towel and put the lid on.








Cover the pot with a couple of large bath towels.

I prefer to use clean dry towels








Remove the center post from the steamer basket.









Place the basket in the bottling bucket.










Put the filter bag in the bucket and tie it off.

After about 45 minutes start heating your

mash out water to 210F in the 22 quart pot.








After the hour is up transfer the mash to the bottling bucket

Then add the mash out water and stir a bit.








Rinse out the 12 quart pot and start heating

6 qts of sparge water to 180F

Drain a cup or two from the bottling bucket to

get any bits from under the filter bag and pour that

back in. Now start draining the bottling bucket into

the 22 qt pot. As soon as thats done put it on the




As soon as the sparge water is hot add that to the bottling bucket and stir and drain a cup or two like

you did before. Then drain that and add to the 22 qt pot. You can keep the lid on until you reach a boil

then you need to take it off. In this example Ill only boil for 15 minutes so I dont need as much water to

start as you will for a 60 minute boil. Use my mash calculator to figure that out for your recipe.


As soon as the boil is done put the pot in the sink with cold tap water. Leave the lid off and stir it a few times

till the cooling water is hot. Remove the pot and drain the sink. Replace the pot and fill again. Do this 4 times total

and you will be at 80F in no time. The third and fourth time you can put the lid on.


My chilling session went like this

1st down to 148F

2nd down to 110F

3rd down to 90F

4th down to 80F


In my case I placed the wort into my bottling bucket and put that in the kegerator for the night. Then Ill rack that off

the next day and can the wort.


Real easy to do