Chicken Breeds

Some breeds can be sexed at birth like Cinnamon Queens so if you want all hens pick a breed that can be sexed at birth. Cackle did a good job for me sending me all female Rhode Island Reds even though they can’t be 100% sexed at birth.

Straight Run means pot luck and you might get 50% roosters.

Rooster temperment can be anywhere between a nice friendly guy to human aggressive. They all start out cute and cuddly but when they mature at about 9 months be prepared for a change. So be prepared to cull roosters if you get a bad one or too many.

Hens don’t need a rooster to lay eggs, they do need a rooster if you want to hatch eggs.

Hens are born with all the eggs they will ever lay.

Hens usually slow down or stop laying eggs in winter. Some breeds lay more eggs per year than other breeds.

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