This tutorial is for a Raspberry Pi Zero W and Raspberry Pi NoIR Camera V2

You need the Pi Zero, Camera, Case, HDMI Cable, Power Supply, USB Keyboard with Mouse and a monitor that has HDMI. Optionally you can use a USB battery pack.

You also need a PC with a SD card or Micro SD card reader.

I purchaced this Starter Kit and this Camera and this Battery

Download the Raspberry Pi Operating System software and the Burning Software.

Currently Raspbian Stretch with Desktop is a good choice.

The Etcher Software is avaliable for most OS’s.

Setup the RPi

Plug miro SD card in PC

Start Etcher

Pick the latest file


The following is for Raspbian Stretch

Plug in the Micro SD card.

Don’t install the heat sink.

Connect the Camera and install in the case

Connect mouse, keyboard and monitor and power up

Go to Preferences Setup

Enable camera, ssh and set user password

Set Locale, Timezone

Set boot to CLI

Left click on the network icon in the upper right and set the static IP address you would like to use. Note the 192.168.x must match your router.

Open a terminal on a linux PC or start Putty on a windows PC

In Linux open a terminal and do the following

ssh pi@the IP address of the RPi
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
sudo apt-get install samba
sudo raspi-config
set network name
git clone
cd RPi_Cam_Web_Interface
just click on yes on the popup
Start now yes

In any browser on your LABN open the IP address of the RPi Open the html tab and you should see the camera