Make sure the ship date of your chicks is not when over night freezing could happen between the hatchery and you.

I use red 250 watt heat bulb so as to not keep them awake at night.

When the chicks arrive the first thing I do is dip one chicks beak in the water. The rest catch on fast.

I crumble up an egg yolk for their first meal.

Chicks need chick food for a few weeks then you can switch them to regular feed. If your chicks have been vaccinated for Coccidiosis DO NOT feed them medicated chick feed. To prevent Coccidiosis feed them medicated chick feed with Amprolium after they are 14 days old.

I found that if you start the chicks in their coop but contained in a box they accept the coop better. One flock was raised in the garage while building their coop and they didn’t like the move at all.

Chicks are hard wired to flee from anything aproaching from above (birds of prey). If you enter the brooder from their level they are much more calm than if you reach in from above.

When you order chicks you may get one or two extra chicks.

Chicks grow very fast so be prepared and have their coop ready.