Interior Design

Make sure the coop is big enough for YOU to get in and clean and maintain.

Bottom of the pop door needs to be at least 8" above the floor so the chickens won’t toss bedding out the door when scratching.

The floor if covered with 3-4 inches of pine chips will keep poop from sticking to the floor.

Put a 8" tall board in front of the door to contain bedding.

Nest Box

Nest box can be 8" or more above the floor but must be below the poop table and roost. If the nest box is even with or above the roost the chickens will sleep in the nest box and fill it with chicken poop.

The nest box can be as simple as a cardboard box sitting on top of another box.



A Poop Table with sides with 1/2" of Sweet PDZ makes a chicken tenders life easy. The Poop Table should be 24" deep and about 8 X the number of chickens plus one wide or wider.

The roost can be a 2x4 with a rounded top or a branch with the bark removed.



Coops need ventilation high up to avoid drafts in the winter. Ventilation is needed to allow ammonia and humidity to get out of the coop. Good cross ventilation in the summer to help keep the coop from getting hot.



Everything likes chickens! Dogs are the worst predator, they will kill an entire flock just for fun.

Coops need to have any opening covered with 1/2" hardware cloth to keep predators like weasels out at night.

Runs need 1" square welded wire to keep daytime predators out.


If you free range chickens be prepared to replace the missing chickens on a regular basis.

If you have wide open area for the chickens hawks can get the young birds and eagles can get the mature birds. If you have a lot of trees it is difficult for a hawk or eagle to take a bird.

If you have a chicken yard fenced in with chain link fence put a hot wire on the outside down low, at dog nose height and one up close to the top. If you have grass in the chicken yard it will not last long at all.


Store chicken feed in metal trash cans to keep mice from getting to the feed.

Don’t expect to have extra storage space in a coop and it not be covered in a layer of dust. Chickens are dusty and dust off often.

The Woods Coop is a very good design for colder areas. * Modern Fresh Air Poultry House by Prince T. Woods