I built this poop table and perch for 10 Cinnamon Queens and I got 12 so I had to lengthen it a couple of feet. I built the poop table at a height that is comfortable for me to clean it every morning. I put the perch at a height that is easy for me to clean the poop table. Build things that fit you!


The frame is 2x4’s using pocket screws to assemble the parts.


The top is MDF coated with 2 coats polyurathane. Be sure and seal both sides and ends so the top won’t curl as the moisture content changes.


View from the Coop Deux Camera 2, pullets are just settling in for the night and one is checking out the nest box for some reason. The nest box has been removed as this bunch prefer a cardboard box. This photo shows the extension I had to add to the poop table and perch.