7i77 Setup

[NOTE] The Mesa sample configuration needs a var, tool table file as well.

The 7i77 needs 5V power so the 5i25 can see it and field I/O power.

To send 5V power from the 5i25 you need to set two jumpers, on the 7I77 W5 is left and on the 5I25 W2 is up.

The 7i77 I/O needs 10 - 28vdc field power connected to TB2 Pins 1(DC +) and 8(DC -) to get the I/O pins to work.

Once you make HAL connections to the I/O the field power must be on before starting your configuration.

7i77 HAL Connections

Example X axis velocity command connections.


Example X axis position feedback connections.





To enable the MPG inputs set the mode to 3. Find sserial_port_0=000xxxxx in your main hal file and change it to sserial_port_0=300xxx.

If you have a line like this: loadrt [HOSTMOT2](DRIVER) config=[HOSTMOT2](CONFIG) in your main hal file then look in the ini file for sserial_port_0=.

Run your configuration to make sure it runs. While it is running open a terminal and type halcmd show pin > pins.txt. This will place a file called pins.txt in your home directory that contains a list of all the HAL pins.

Connect your MPG to 5v, 0v (common with field ground on the 7i77) A to input pin 16 (TB7 Pin 1) and B to input pin 17 (TB7 Pin 2). Run your configuration and open the Show HAL Configuration and add the enc0 pins to the watch window. When you turn the MPG you should see the count change.

The reason to use the MPG inputs instead of using normal encoder inputs is that they support 1X quadrature mode, the normal encoder inputs do not. So if you have a standard 100 PPT MPG, the MPG inputs are better.

Remember that the 5V MPG power needs to have a common ground with the field power.

Depending on what hardware you have and or what GUI your using will dictate what goes in your hal file to connect the MPG enc0 to jog your axis.


If the drives need an active low enable (GND to enable), you connect the ENA+ to the drive enable line and the ENA- to GND the drive enable lines (ENA+ and ENA-) are OPTO coupler outputs (basically switches) so you always need to use both (and pay attention to polarity)