Setting up a 5i25 7i76 card with pncconf.

This applies to LinuxCNC version 2.5.1 or newer.

  1. Download, uncompress and run the xml install script

  2. Start pncconf from the CNC menu.

  3. Click on Forward to the Create or Edit page.

  4. Click on Forward to the Basic Machine Information page.

  5. Name your Configuration (no spaces in the name).

  6. Select Axis Configuration and Machine Units if different.

  7. Select 5i25 from the Mesa0 PCI / Parport Card.

  8. Click on Forward to the External Controls page.

  9. Click on Forward to the GUI Configuration page.

  10. Click on Forward to the Mesa I/O Setup page.

  11. Deselect 7i33 daughter board from Sanity Checks.

  12. Select 7i76x1 from the Firmware choices.

  13. Click on Accept component Changes.

  14. Click on I/O Connector 3 Tab.

  15. Select StepGen’s for each axis then click on Forward to the Axis Motor/Encoder Configuration page.

  16. For each Axis:

    1. Calculate Scale for axis and enter Stepper Scale then press Forward to the Axis Configuration page.

    2. Enter Travel Distance for the axis then click on Forward to the next Axis Motor/Encoder Configuration page.

  17. Press Forward to the Advanced Options page.

  18. Press Forward to the HAL Component page.

  19. Press Forward to the Machine Configuration Complete page and click on Apply to save your configuration

Many more options are available with pncconf but this will get your basic configuration up and going.

For more information on pncconf consult the Help menu in pncconf and the Integrators Manual and the pncconf wizard forum section

After creating your configuration you can open up pncconf and edit or add to the configuration as needed.