Part 4

GladeVCP Labels

GladeVCP Labels

Create a basic config with the Stepconf Wizard.

Create a glade panel like the following and save it in your config directory as


Set the HAL pin type: for hal_label2 to 1, hal_label3 to 2.

Set the text template: for hal_label2 to %.04f

Embed the panel into axis by adding the following to the ini DISPLAY section.

EMBED_TAB_COMMAND=halcmd loadusr -Wn gladevcp gladevcp -c gladevcp -x {XID} -u

Create an empty file in the config directory.

Open the postgui hal file and add the following.

net label1 gladevcp.hal_label1 <= stepgen.0.counts
net label2 gladevcp.hal_label2 <= axis.0.joint-pos-cmd
loadrt bitwise
addf bitwise.0 base-thread
setp bitwise.0.in0 1234
setp bitwise.0.in1 2345
net label3 gladevcp.hal_label3 <= bitwise.0.out-or

Run the config and jog the X axis and in the label tab you should see examples of all three data types.


If you have a problem just download the files and place directory of files in the /linuxcnc/configs directory.