Squaring Material

Squaring a block of material can be confusing at first to end up with a square block. The steps to square a block of material assume that the rear vise jaw has been indicated in both the X and Z planes as outlined in Indicating a Vise.

Step 1

Machine the first flat face by placing the material in the vise and machining it flat.

Step 2

Place the flat face against the rear jaw and machine the top face flat. Now we have two surfaces that are perpendicular to each other.

Step 3

Rotate the material around the Y axis 180 degrees and place one parallel against the rear jaw and put the side from Step 2 against the parallel. Machine the third face and now we have 3 sides and 2 edges.

Step 4

Rotate the material around the X axis 90 degrees to put the unfinished side up. Machine this side flat and now we have 4 sides and 4 edges perpendicular and square to each other.

Step 5

If your starting with reasonably flat material on 4 sides you might start here. Rotate the material around the Y axis 90 degrees and using one parallel against the fixed rear jaw of the vise. Machine this face flat then with a marker put an X on it and a line on the right side. This face is perpendicular to the other faces only on the edge.

Step 6

Using one parallel against the rear fixed jaw of the vise rotate the material 90 degrees in the Z axis and 180 degrees in the Y plane. This places the line you made on top of the parallel. Machine this face flat and you now have 5 faces done.

Step 7

Rotate the material 180 degrees in the Y axis and you can use 2 parallels now and machine the last face flat. You now have a cube with all faces square to each other.