Radius Corners

Open the drawing from the previous lesson.

  1. Open the "Modification Tools" toolbar.

  2. Click on the "Round" tool.

  3. Set the Radius to 0.5"

  1. Click on each line of a corner to make it round.

  2. Click on the "Reset" button.

We now have a triangle with radiused ends.


Next we need some lines to measure the arc angle with.

  1. Click on "Line Tools" to open the tool bar.

  2. Click on "Line from 2 Points".

  3. Click on the "Center" snap (Not the Middle snap).

  4. Click on the center of the top circle.

  5. Click on the "End" snap.

  6. Click on the end of the arc/line.


Repeat to create lines for the rest of the arcs. Use the Escape key to start each new pair of lines.


Save the file for the next lesson.