HAL Examples

GladeVCP + HAL

This example shows you how to run a GladeVCP panel with HAL for a simple GUI that can use all the power of HAL without the complexity of LinuxCNC’s motion control. You can have things like encoders, pwmgen, stepgen etc.

Sheet Alignment

This addition to LinuxCNC allows you to align the coordinate system to the sheet of material.

  • Four Pyvcp buttons are added to your panel.

  • Start Align, Align Y, Align X, and Clear Offset.

To align along the Y axis jog to the left rear corner of the material.

  1. Press Start Align.

  2. Jog to the left front corner and press Align Y.

  3. Cut your parts then press Clear Offset.

The Files


Weighted Sum

This is a configuration to demonstrate how the weighted sum component works. Copy the file to your config directory and run with LinuxCNC.


This is a configuration to demonstrate how the flipflop component works. This shows how to coordinate an output with the Machine Power button. This is important if you use digital outputs and want them to turn off with the E-Stop and not start back up when Machine Power is turned on.