Qt Designer

Installing the Qt Designer

In a terminal install the Qt Designer with:

sudo apt install qttools5-dev-tools


The Qt6 Designer is not needed, the Qt5 Designer works fine.

Building a GUI

Run the Qt Designer from the Applications > Programming menu and create a new Main Window.


To add a Tool Bar right click on the main window and select Add Tool Bar


To add a Menu type in the menu area and press enter.


When you create a Menu item it creates and action, the action can be dragged to the Tool Bar to create a tool bar button.


Adding items from the Widget Box is drag and drop. To create a basic layout from Containers add two Frames and a Tab Widget.


Right click in the QMainWindow and select Lay out > Lay out Vertically.

_images/designer-06.png _images/designer-07.png

Add a Push Button to the QFrame then right click on the frame or the QFrame in the Object Inspector and set the lay out to grid.

_images/designer-08.png _images/designer-09.png

After dragging a widget into the window make sure you use the correct objectName for that widget. For example the E Stop button is called estop_pb.


Each object name must be unique, designer will not allow duplicate names

Save the GUI in the configuration directory where you launch LinuxCNC.