Tools and Coordinate Systems

Tool Change


A tool change QPushButton with a QSpinBox to select the tool number to change to is done with QPushButton named tool_change_pb and a QSpinBox named next_tool_sb. It is an error if the tool selected is not in the tool table.

Tool Change                  tool_change_pb

Tool Change Button

Tool change QPushButtons can be used to change tools without a spinbox by adding up to 99 QPushButtons named tool_change_pb_n with n being the number of the tool you wish to change with that button.

Tool Change Button                  tool_change_pb_n

Tool Touchoff

To touch off a tool to an axis use a tool touch off pushbutton

Tool Touch Off               tool_touchoff_(axis letter)

Coordinate System Touchoff

To touch off an axis use a touch off pushbutton

Touch Off Axis               touchoff_pb_(axis letter)

Change Coordinate System

To change the coordinate system with a button use a change_cs_n pushbutton where n is 1-9.

Change Coordinate System            change_cs_n