Machine Tab


Tool Bar

  • Open Config - Opens a file selector so you can pick an ini file to load

  • Check Config - Checks the Configuration for errors

  • Build Config - Builds the Congiguration after checking for errors

  • Documents - Opens the PDF Documents

Machine Group

  • Name - Any letter or number or underscore. Spaces are replaced by an underscore.

  • Path - Displays the full path to the configuration.

  • Load this Configuration at startup - Opens the current configuration at startup.

  • Backup Configuration - Creates a backup copy each time the configuration is built.

Info Group

  • Status - Shows if anything has changed in the tool

  • LinuxCNC - If installed shows the version

  • MesaFlash - If installed shows the version

  • Coordinates - Shows the axes

  • Screen Size - Shows the current screen size

  • Platform - Shows the OS platform

  • Python - Shows the version

  • Pyqt5 - Shows the version

Quick Start

  • Default Imperial - Sets up a default Imperial configuration

  • Default Metric - Sets up a default Metric configuration

  • Configuration - Select a sample configuration then edit the axes

Mesa Setup

  • Board - Select the Mesa board

  • IP Address - If the selected board is an Ethernet board select the IP Address

  • Daughter Cards - If applicable select the daughter card

  • Verify Board - Checks to see if the board is found