Machine Tab


Tool Bar

  • Open .ini File - Opens a file selector so you can pick an ini file to load

  • Check Config - Checks the Configuration for errors

  • Build Config - Builds the Congiguration after checking for errors

  • Documents - Opens the PDF Documents

Machine Group

  • Configuration Name - Any letter or number or underscore. Spaces are replaced by an underscore.

  • File Path - Displays the full path to the configuration.

  • Linear Units - Select base units for the configuration.

  • Max Linear Velocity - Set the Maximum Linear Velocity for all axes combined in Linear Units per second.

  • Coordinates - Displays the current configuration Coordinates by Axis

Configuration Setup

  • Board Tab

  • Board - Select the main board being used.

  • IP Address - If the main board is an Ethernet Board select the IP address of the board.

  • Daughter Card - After selecting the firmware you can select a daugher card for which header you’re using. The header numbers are added to the Daughter Card when a board is selected. At this time only one daughter card is supported.

  • Options Tab

After selecting a Firmware the Options are populated. Select a lower amount to free up GPIO on some boards.

  • Step Generators

  • PWM Generators

  • Encoders


After selecting a board the Firmware combobox is populated with firmware for that board.

  • Read PD - Read Pin Descriptions, gives more information than Read HMID

  • Read HMID - Shows General Configuration Information

  • Flash - After selecting a firmware this will flash the board

  • Reload - After flashing firmware this will reload the new firmware

  • Verify - After the board boots up this will verify the selected firmware

  • Copy - Copies the contents of display window to the clipboard


  • Enable Backups - When this is checked a backup copy is saved to a .zip file in the backups directory before building a new configuration. The backup file is named with the date and time of the save.