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JT's Place is a place to find many different things that make life easier and more enjoyable. Everything can still be accessed through my Beer Making link.

I like to share the ideas and things I have dreamed up over the years.

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I like to invent and share things that make you smile.

I was born in King Salmon, Alaska a long time ago... Worked out in the Gulf of Mexico on oil rigs for a few years. I spent a few years working in a ship yard on destroyers and nuclear submarines. Worked in West Africa for a few years on an oil rig as well. Then I started making nails of all things. Worked my way up to plant manager then out the door I went. I was 1/2 partner in an automation company that a friend and I started back in 2001 or so for about 10 years. I'm currently working by myself automating machines at factories. I should be retired but customers keep finding me and bringing me work.

All you touch and all you see, Is all your life will ever be. Pink Floyd, "Breathe"

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