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JT's Place is a place to find many different things that make life easier and more enjoyable.

I like to share the ideas and things I have dreamed up over the years.

About JT

I like to invent and share things that make you smile. I started taking things apart at a very young age, Mom said I took the toster apart when I was 6. Dunno who put it back together.

I was born in King Salmon, Alaska a long time ago... Started working very young splitting firewood, paper routes, working in gas stations. By 18 I got a job at the brand new Handy City in Metairie LA. Worked out in the Gulf of Mexico on oil rigs for a few years. I spent a few years working in a ship yard on destroyers and nuclear submarines. Worked in West Africa for a few years on an oil rig as well. Then I started making nails of all things. Worked my way up to plant manager then out the door I went. I had an automation company with a friend and I started back in 2001 or so, that is shutting down due to the lack of work (2019). I'm still self unemployed and do small jobs as they come up. I'm very active at linuxcnc.org

All you touch and all you see, Is all your life will ever be. Pink Floyd, "Breathe"

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