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Hello and welcome to my wine making pages. My friends call me JT. I live in South East Missouri now. I'm a tinker and inventor at heart and love to make things. I also love to pass on the knowledge that I have learned in the process.
I started making wine in 2000 when my neighbor opened that world up to me. After some coaching and a few pointers and hints and a lot of research on the Internet my wine making was underway.
Not every batch was perfect in fact one batch of orange wine was revolting. The funny thing is I got my friend to taste it twice! So expect to make a mistake or two along the way, but always have fun on the journey. Funny thing is the orange wine after sitting for a few years actually turned out very smooth and we drank it all up.

But is it easy to do?

"Wine" is quite easy to make with basic ingredients and things you might find around the house. Once you find the joy of making wine you might want to invest in a couple of specialized items so your wine making experience is easier and more productive. Many Internet wine supply places have kits to get you going at a minimal expense. So enought with the banter and on to the wine making pages.

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