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38DD Mother of a Fermentation Chiller

Updated 8/16/2009

Part Two Building the Fermentation Chiller


 After building a Son of a Fermentation Chiller and using it for a while.

I found the following problems:

·        It would only hold one carboy

·        The analog thermostat sucked

·        It is a PIA to deal with the ice in deep narrow ice chambers


So I redesigned the controller first to use a digital remote sensing thermostat for under $25.


Then I redesigned the Son of a Fermentation Chiller to hold two 7½ gallon carboys

and two ½ gallon growlers for my blow off tubes.


This is the layout of the chiller with one side

removed and the top and front removed.




This is the top view showing the layout.





This is the cut layout for the pink foam.

          New Discovery                         

A good grade of carpenters wood glue

works better than Liquid Nails. I used Elmers

Stainable Wood Glue Interior/Exterior Use. It does take

a little while to dry so you have to tape the parts together

so they don’t move while the glue dries. The base is in 2 pieces and is edge glued to form one.


One brewer who built the 38DD had better luck using a different glue. “Hey- thanks for the writeup on the build.  Very cool.  One thing though- I think you should recommend a different adhesive than the wood glue.  For this type of foam, PL300 Foamboard adhesive works best.  It comes in a caulk tube and is way better than the wood glue.  I started out using wood glue, and then ended up pulling the foam apart and removing all of the semi-tacky glue.  It was a mess.  But worth it.  The PL300 is nice and tacky right away, so it holds the pieces together well.  Just a suggestion, but I think it would be a good idea to change that small part of your instructions.
Thanks again for the build directions and calculators!”


The New MoFC






Close up of the top. I plan on using two

controllers with a divider in-between

the two carboys




Close up with the top open.






Front cover off showing room for

two 7.5 gallon carboys with growlers

for blow off tubes




Detail of the fan. I used a 100mm fan

I would think just about any fan would do.





Detail of the ice compartment.






This is an alternate ice container that

I thought was slick. The lid acts as a

drip tray for the condensation.





Pictures from other Brewers who have built the 38DD


This beautiful example was built

by Micah Stark. Looks like a fine piece

of furniture. Well done Micah!

For them that wanna know how Micah

did the Starkbier sign he made the template

in photoshop, printed it out in full scale at

kinkos and cut it out with his scroll saw.


This one was build by

Kevin Burns. It features a

slightly differen wood cover

arrangement. This is proof

that the plans are just a guide.




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Links to brewers that have built the 38DD


Tim’s Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JXGUrmvedIo


jsbeerme’s glycol cooled fermentation chiller http://forum.northernbrewer.com/viewtopic.php?t=42735&highlight=glycol