Drawing to Points

Open the drawing from the previous lesson.

  1. Open the "Line Tools" toolbar.

  2. Pick "Line from 2 Points".

  3. Pick the "End" snap.

  4. Click on the lower left corner one time

  5. Click on the "Middle" snap.

  6. Click on the top line in the middle.

You should now have a diagonal line from the lower left corner to the upper middle.


Now repeat the process to draw a line from the top middle to the lower right corner.

  1. Click on the top line in the middle.

  2. Click on the "End" Snap.

  3. Click on the lower right corner.

  4. Click on the "Reset" button.

You should now have a drawing like this


Next lets delete the construction lines we used to create the triangle.

  1. Press and hold the shift key while clicking on each of the lines we want to delete. The top line, the left and right vertical lines.

  2. You can either click on the sissors or just press the delete key on your keyboard.

You should now have the following triangle.


Save the file for the next lesson.