Lubuntu 19.04 RT Preempt

Install Lubuntu 19.04 and build and install the RT-PREEMPT kernel for LinuxCNC Uspace.

Testing for accuracy so stand by!

Download Lubuntu 19.04 and burn to a DVD. I used

  • Boot from the DVD then select Install from the Desktop

After installing remove the DVD and restart.

From the menu open the Software Sources

On the Ubuntu Software tab check Source code

On the Updates tab change Show new distribution releases: to Never.

If you have limited bandwith check Only notify about available updates

From the System Tools open a terminal and download the kernel and rt patch

sudo apt update
sudo apt install -y build-essential bin86 kernel-package libssl-dev
# just press enter at the prompt
sudo apt install -y libqt4-dev libncurses5-dev pkg-config flex bison
sudo apt dist-upgrade
mkdir rtlinux
cd rtlinux


Now extract and patch the kernel

tar -xpf linux-5.0.14.tar.xz
gunzip patch-5.0.14-rt9.patch.gz
cp patch-5.0.14-rt9.patch linux-5.0.14
cd linux-5.0.14
cat patch-5.0.14-rt9.patch | patch -p1
make xconfig
5.0.19-rt11 does not boot up
wget wget

Now extract and patch the kernel

tar -xpf linux-5.0.19.tar.xz
gunzip patch-5.0.19-rt11.patch.gz
cp patch-5.0.19-rt11.patch linux-5.0.19
cd linux-5.0.19
cat patch-5.0.19-rt11.patch | patch -p1
make xconfig

Click on General Setup and select Fully Preemptible Kernel(RT) in the right window. Save and close

Find out how many processors you have with the following:

grep processor /proc/cpuinfo

Now build the kernel with -j processors + 1.

make -j5

Go take a nap or have a cup of coffee… then install the kernel.

sudo make modules_install
sudo make install

Finally add the grub customizer.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:danielrichter2007/grub-customizer
sudo apt update
sudo apt install grub-customizer

Go to Menu > Admininstration > Grub Customizer Go to the General Settings tab and select Advanced Options for Ubuntu>Ubuntu, with Linux 4.19.1-rt3. Save and close.


Open a terminal

uname -a
... 4.19.1-rt3 #1 SMP PREEMPT RT ...

For a light weight but powerful text editor install Geany.

sudo apt install geany

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