Manual Data Input (MDI)

MDI Interface

The MDI Interface uses a QLineEdit named mdi_command_le to enter commands.

MDI history uses a QListWidget named mdi_history_lw to display the MDI history. You can click on a line in the history display to copy the command to the MDI Interface

MDI Controls

The following QPushButtons can be used to execute MDI commands, copy or clear MDI history

MDI Push Buttons

Run MDI Command


Copy the MDI History to the Clipboard


Clear the MDI History


The MDI history is kept in a file named ‘mdi_history.txt` in the configuration directory.

MDI Buttons

MDI buttons execute a MDI command when the button it pressed and are created by adding two dynamic properties called function and command to a QPushButton.


If the command property is not found the button will not be enabled

Select the button then create a dynamic property by pressing on the green plus sign in the Property Editor.


Then select string


Name the property function and click on OK


Set the value of the property to mdi


Add a property called command


Set the value of the property to your valid MDI command