A QSpinBox with the object name spindle_speed_sb controls the spindle speed.

On start up Flex will see if the following items are in the SPINDLE_0 section of the ini file.


If INCREMENT is not found Flex will look in the DISPLAY section for SPINDLE_INCREMENT and if not found will set the increment at 100 for spindle faster/slower control buttons.

If MIN_FORWARD_VELOCITY is found it will be used to set the QSpinBox minimum setting. If not found the minimum setting will be 0

If MAX_FORWARD_VELOCITY is found it will set the QSpinBox maximum setting. If not found the maximum setting will be 1000

INCREMENT will also set the QSpinBox single step when using the up/down arrows.

Spindle Controls

The following QPushButtons control the spindle on/off direction and speed.

Description       Object Name
Spindle Forward   spindle_fwd_pb
Spindle Reverse   spindle_rev_pb
Spindle Stop      spindle_stop_pb
Spindle Faster    spindle_plus_pb
Spindle Slower    spindle_minus_pb


The spindle can not be started with a 0 spindle speed

If a QLCDNumber named spindle_speed_0_lcd is found it will display the commanded spindle speed without any offsets.