The Mesa Configuration Tool is designed to create the configuration files needed by LinuxCNC for Mesa Electronics motion control cards.


Debian or Debian based OS with Python 3.6 or newer.

Debian 10 (Buster) has Python3.7


  • Fully editable ini file by the user, when loaded and saved custom sections and key value pairs and comments are not lost.

  • Flash Mesa cards and read the config on the card as well as other card operations

  • Information about all the cards as well as the manuals for the cards, some cards have additional information.

  • Add MDI commands to the ini file

  • Add a Smart Serial card and configure the I/O

  • Add customs HAL commands

  • Change Motion, Debug, Thread Period Options

  • Add a VCP Panel

  • Add and configure the Classicladder PLC options

  • Get Motherboard, CPU, and NIC information about the PC

  • Test the Thread Period

  • Check the configuration for errors at any time during the creation

  • Load a configuration at startup

  • Create a backup of the entire configuration directory with a date and time stamp

  • Board layout image of all the daughter boards as well as the selected board

  • Wiring diagram for the Smart Serial connection

  • HAL funtion assistant to help create custom HAL code