INI SettingsΒΆ


All settings are in the [DISPLAY] section of the ini file.

To use the Flex GUI change the DISPLAY value to:

DISPLAY = flexgui

If no GUI is specificed then the default GUI will be used.


The user ui and qss files must be in the same LinuxCNC configuration directory as the ini file.

To use your ui file you created with the Qt Designer add the GUI key with file-name being the name of your .ui file.

GUI = file-name.ui

To use your style sheet add with file-name being the name of your .qss file.

QSS = file-name.qss

To use the built in stylesheets add either


If no stylesheet is selected or entered then the default keyboard qss file will be used.

To control the initial size of the screen add either

SIZE = minimized
SIZE = normal
SIZE = maximized
SIZE = full


Full size screen does not have any window controls. To close the app press Ctrl Alt x or select File > Exit from the menu if you added that action to the menu or make sure you add a Quit button somewhere before trying full.